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The only Google Nexus device that shipped with an SD card slot was the Nexus One which came out in January 2010. All Nexus devices afterwards shipped without SD card slot. The latest Nexus devices that Google just announced, the Nexus 4, 7 and 10 - the numbers correlate to the size of the device - all ship without SD card slot as well.

It's been ages since we've a Nexus device has come with a micro SD card slot. It's a terrible trend, really. One we hope will finally die off this year. But rather than bitch about it, one ... Sim Card Tray Slot Holder For LG Google Nexus 5 D820 D821 ... For LG Google Nexus 5 D820 D821. Real Battery Back Door Cover Glass case Housing For Huawei Ascend P7 New. SIM Card Reader Slot Holder For Samsung Galaxy A3 A3000 A5 A5000 A7 A7000 New. Battery Back Door Cover case Housing NFC For LG Google Nexus 4 E960 New. | eBay! How to add extra storage to the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P ... Google’s new Nexus phones, the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P, continued a worrying trend in 2015 – namely, a lack of expandable storage. There’s no microSD slot to quickly and conveniently add a ... Google Nexus 5 Review Nexus 5 is built with a 4.4 Android platform known for superb performance. Its hardware is almost in close comparison to LG G2. A sturdy polycarbonate shell is used as the exterior of Nexus 5 in contrast to its predecessors is constructed on glass based material.

Crazy Android modder equips Nexus 5 with a working micro SD slot Crazy Android modder equips Nexus 5 with a working micro SD slot +25,033 Chris Chavez Jan 27th, 2016 It’s been ages since we’ve a Nexus device has come with a micro SD card slot. Google, you've lost a customer. Oalhndi Very sad that the SD and Sim card are not included.

Learn how you can remove or insert a SIM card on Google Nexus 5. ... Poner la Tarjeta SIM al Nexus 4 de Google - Duration: 4 ... 5:33. LG G4 - How To Insert SIM And SD Card - Duration: 5:26. Michael Thomsen ... Nexus 5 mit microSD-Slot: DIY-Mod macht's möglich Ein findiger reddit-Nutzer wollte sich mit reinem Gejammer aber nicht zufrieden geben und hat kurzerhand einen microSD-Slot in sein Nexus 5 eingebaut. ... Nexus 5: Google bestätigt Ende der Produktion * Werbung.

It seems that a lot of readers are worried about the lack of a microSD card slot on the Google Nexus 7 Android "Jelly Bean"-powered tablet. I like the Nexus 7, but it worries me that Google is ...

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Mozek může říct „ne“, ale referenční stroje od Googlu vždycky měly jistou auru, kterou není možné zanést do tabulky. Platí to i pro LG Nexus 5X?